Help the Jefferson One!Brooke faces criminal charges for breaking no law. She requires legal counsel for her criminal case, and may require further representation as the media attention increases. Other costs may come to bear in the future. We ask that you please give what you can via PayPal to the Free the Jefferson 1 Defense Fund to cover her various expenses.

We do not wish to discredit or in any way degrade the U.S. Park Police or any other police officer in the nation. But this is a clear-cut case of wrongful arrest and Brooke needs your help to clear her name. Please give what you can.

This fund is in Brooke’s name and will be used initially to retain the services of a criminal attorney; after legal and other expenses are covered, remaining funds will be distributed at Brooke’s discretion to worthwhile causes that defend civil liberties. All accounting of the fund will be transparent, and stewardship of the fund will be at the discretion of Brooke and her attorneys.

Contributions are not tax-deductible and are essentially treated under the law as gifts.