Really, What Does YOUR Dad Do?

How much do your parents’ jobs–or their former jobs, or their friends, or their taste in music, or the way they comb their hair–affect the way you want people to evaluate YOUR actions? How much do their politics color what YOU do?

If you’re like most adults, probably not very much. That’s why it’s a little silly to see all this talk about Brooke’s family (which you can find in the comments of various posts, both on this site and on Interwebs at large). She’s a grownup, she makes her own decisions, lives her own life, and is going out of her way not to inconvenience or burden her family with this mess.

Of course it would be easier to do that if her last name were “Smith,” but we play with the hand we’re dealt, you know?

A commenter on this post put it pretty nicely, I think:

Honestly, we’re talking about a grown woman here; as far as I can tell, her father hasn’t stepped in here to help because it doesn’t really have anything to do with him, any more than it would have anything to do with YOUR father if it had been YOU.