Jane Galt on the Park Police

The Atlantic‘s Megan McArdle, who was among the first to break the story, offers an update and two theories as to why the Park Police have yet to drop the specious charges:

There are two theories of why this is going forward. It may be that the agency is simply reluctant to admit that it erred and back down, which would be embarassing, particularly since they are still recovering from their recent failures at crime control in the national monuments, which culminated in the rape of a young girl near the Smithsonian. (So much for the commenters who derided me for pointing out that the police might have something better to do than prevent mall dancing.

The other possibility is that they’re trying to head off a civil suit; the only way they can be sure of this is to get a criminal conviction, so they’re going for it, however unlikely this may be. There’s a large downside to this strategy, of course. I can’t speak for Brooke, but if the police forced me to spend large amounts of money defending a spurious criminal charge, there would be a civil suit, no matter what the personal inconvenience involved.

There certainly should be one. The purpose of the justice system is to protect the public, not to keep them in line.