Let them bring cake

Amy at Atypical Musings offers an assessment of the Jefferson 1’s *real* crime:

I don’t know how I feel about Libertarians, but these guys are funny. I mean, I love the idea of people just randomly dancing at national monuments, especially at the Thomas Jefferson Monument, in celebration of his birthday. Fine, they probably were dancing not just to celebrate but to make a statement as well. The statement being, “Hey, we’re here to celebrate TJ’s achievements. Want to know about a few?” Perhaps the idea of a run-in with “the man” came to mind, but I doubt they thought anyone would be arrested. Honestly, cuffing the gal in front of everyone…FOR DANCING? Head up the Capitol Hill; that’s where the real criminals are, and we pay them to rip us off. Brooke Obberwetter (sic) is not a criminal. The only crime she committed was not bring a cake to celebrate Jefferson’s birthday! And who forgot the party decorations?