NBC4 Covers the Jefferson 1

I talked to NBC4 about the abusive treatment of the Jefferson 1 by the U.S. Park Police. Learn more about the Jefferson 1 here. If you agree with us that individuals dancing quietly in honor of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday should not be subject to arrest, he hope you’ll donate to the legal defense fund.

UPDATE: For those of you who would rather read, here is the article on the NBC4 website. One clarification on the following:

They arrested one woman when they said she would not stop dancing and became resistant.

The Jefferson 1 stopped dancing when talking to the police, as the video clearly shows. If the U.S. Park Police is the “they” NBC 4 is referring to they are spreading disinformation to cover up their overzealous officers. She simply stood there and asked “why?” we were told to leave. Instead of answering her she was handcuffed and detained for five hours. Our video shows this and when the U.S. Park Service finally releases their surveillance video it will show this also.