More Park Police Nonsense

Over at Scott’s Take, the author offers solidarity and relates his own tale of Park Police thuggery:

I know from first hand experience how thuggish the Park Police can be. One Autumn Sunday morning I was sitting with my son and our two dogs in Meridian Hill Park. We were sitting in the middle of a large lawn, and Eli was playing in the fall leaves while the dogs lounged nearby. A perfect Sunday morning.

Then the Park Police showed up. I saw her stop her cruiser on the sidewalk and she got out and walked across the grass over to us. My smallest dog, being the extrovert she was, got up, tail wagging, walked over to her to say hello. I honestly didn’t know why the officer was approaching.

“Sir, your dogs are out of control.”


“It’s illegal for them to be off the leash.”

I pointed out they were still wearing their leashes.

“You weren’t controlling them. They walked up to me.”

“You walked up to us. They were laying in the grass. Had you walked by, they’d still be laying in the grass.”

It went downhill from there, with her threatening me with arrest. Although I’m usually pretty stupid in a confrontation, I eventually realized this was not a fight I needed, especially with my three dependents caught up in the middle.

And so, our perfect Sunday morning shattered by a thug with a badge who went out of her way to prove her authority.