More from Deutschland

Reader Dirk Kirchberg offers this dispatch from the Jefferson 1’s paternal ancestral home:

Hi there,

I stongly support your mission and wrote an article about the incident for mackauf, a German site.…/

The title translates to “DANCE! but very quietly…”

A snippet from my text:

“While listening to one single song – she was listening to the classic “It Takes Two” by Robe Base und EZ Rock – Brooke Oberwetter turned into The Jefferson 1 and from a dancer into a terrorist.”

In German, “dancer into terrorist” is an alliteration: “Tänzerin eine Terroristin”. The italic note after the German sentence explains that the statement is intentionally a bit over the top, but the alliteration tempted me. 😉

I wish you and Brooke all the best.
Keep on dancing!

Dirk Kirchberg