Balko on the Washington Post’s Reporting

The article flat-out gets one fact wrong:

A security guard soon appears, insisting that the group leave.

Oberwetter was among those ushered out and was arrested after she kept returning to the chamber.

The video pretty clearly shows that that’s not the way it happened. Oberwetter did not keep coming back. She was arrested after asking the officer to explain why she had to leave.

As for the quotes from the Jefferson scholar, well, far be it from me to argue with someone who’s spent his entire life studying Jefferson, but I think the guy’s a bit full of himself. Jefferson adamantly warned that liberty is lost incrementally. Government takes over gradually. Not to mention the fact that the dancers still weren’t actually breaking any laws. No one provoked the officers. The dance was meant to be a celebration of Jefferson. No one thought there would be a confrontation.

There a couple of other national media outlets looking at this story, now. Hopefully they’ll cover it a bit better.

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