Profiles in Politeness: Transcripts of the Jefferson 1 talking to the Police

In the American Spectator, our very own Ray does a great job breaking down the events of April 15th or as it’s now known, the dance party which shall live in infamy. He made transcripts of the incident in question and here it is for your reading pleasure:

A VIDEO OF THE INCIDENT posted by Talley to YouTube tells a different story. In it, a calm, demure-looking Oberwetter has this exchange with the security guard who requested her arrest:

GUARD: Exit, exit, exit. Lady, I’m not going to tell you again.
OBERWETTER: I’m just…what did we do?”
GUARD: Exit. Exit, now…
OBERWETTER: What rule are we breaking? It’s against the rules to dance?
GUARD: Yes it is. Read the sign inside the memorial. It says quiet.”
OBERWETTER: I’m standing here being very quiet.
GUARD: You’re dancing in here. That’s disorderly.

The camera then tracks away from as Talley has an exchange of his own with a guard, only to return, not quite a minute a later, to the site of Oberwetter being handcuffed against the columns, the statue of Jefferson looking down on the scene.

As we learn more and more, the U.S. Attorney who is prosecuting the Jefferson 1 will find their job tougher and tougher.

A suggestion: Drop all charges now and have the police involved apologize.