A Great Thanks to the Fourth Estate

The word on our friend’s situation is spreading rapidly. While there have been other media (most notably fark and facebook) which helped get ideas and information out quickly, the eagerness to help by our friends in the press has been invaluable as we start this fight.

While the Fourth Estate arguably includes amateur bloggers, a special thanks must be given to the professional journalists who have exposed their considerable readership to our friend’s predicament. It has been increasingly apparent, to me and others, that journalists have become exceptionally important in rectifying injustices of all scopes around the world.

Lawyers, while quite beneficial, at times can only do so much. Often hampered by overwhelming caseloads of indigent clients, public defenders are heavily incentivized to plea bargain their clients, whether guilty or not. Our friend is fortunate to have educated and passionate people around her who are willing to aid her. Many people–e.g., the poor and minorities–do not have such luxuries and thus are helplessly thrust into a system that is fully weighted against them.

The fact that this happened should not surprise anyone. The fact that it does surprise people speaks directly to the reason we’re doing this — and why the journalists are essential to breaking more stories like these.

Thank you so much!