Link Roundup

Perhaps in the order they were posted:

Julian Sanchez: Hijinks Ensue

Megan Mcardle: Dancing Fools

Freedom and Shit dot org: Midnight Dance Party Arrest and Midnight Dance Party: Bopping is NOT a Crime

The Agitator: So About That Tree of Liberty… and Jefferson Arrest Update

J.D. Talley: Free the Jefferson 1

Outside the Beltway: DC Police Arrest Dancing Libertarians

Below The Beltway: Jack-Booted Thugs At The Jefferson Memorial

Fark: Apparently getting a couple of friends together and dancing quietly to your iPod at midnight at the Jefferson Memorial gets you a face plant in the concrete then a trip to detention courtesy of the US Park Police

The American Scene: D.C. Monument Menaced by Libertarian Dancers!

Get Fixxed!: Quiet Booty Shakin is a Threat to the Citizens of D.C.

Flying Hedgehogs: illegal peaceful assembly